Scope of Work 


A – Engineering

B – Building

C-01 Acoustical Tile
C-02 Aluminum Shingle & Siding
C-03 Asphalt Paving & Surfacing
C-04 Boiler, Hot Water Heating & Steam Fitting
C-05 Cabinet & Millwork
C-06 Carpentry Framing
C-07 Carpet Laying
C-08 Cement Concrete
C-09 Septic Tank
C-10 Concrete Paving & Surfacing
C-11 Demolition
C-12 Drywall
C-13 Electrical
C-13a Pole & Line
C-14 Electrical Sign
C-15 Electronic System
C-16 Elevator Installation
C-17 Excavating, Grading & Trenching
C-18 Fencing
C-19 Fire & Burglar Alarm
C-20 Fire Protection
C-21 Floor Covering
C-22 Glazing
C-23 Gunite
C-24 House & Building Moving & Wrecking
C-25 Institutional & Commercial Equipment
C-26 Insulation
C-27 Landscaping
C-28 Lathing
C-29 Lift Slab
C-30 Limited Home Improvement & Renovation
C-31 Masonry
C-32 Ornamental Metal
C-33 Painting & Decorating
C-34 Pest Control
C-35 Pile Driving & Foundation
C-36 Plastering
C-37 Plumbing
C-38 Post Tensioning
C-39 Reconditioning Concrete Pipeline
C-40 Refrigeration
C-41 Reinforcing Steel
C-42 Roofing
C-43 Sewer, Sewage Disposal, Drain, Cement Pipe Laying
C-44 Sheet Metal
C-45 Spray Texture Coatings
C-46 Stone Masonry
C-47 Structural Pest Control
C-48 Structural Steel
C-49 Swimming Pool
C-50 Tile
C-51 Warm Air Heating Ventilating & Air Conditioning
C-53 Solar
C-54 Water Chlorination
C-55 Waterproofing
C-56 Welding
C-57 Well Drilling
C-58 Wood Flooring
C-68 Classified Specialist – Communication
C-68 Classified Specialist – Environmental Consultants
C-68 Classified Specialist – Epoxy
C-68 Classified Specialist – Above/underground fuel tank installation & fuel leak monitoring system
C-68 Classified Specialist – Aviation/Airport Support Services
C-68 Classified Specialist – Electrical Cable Casing
C-68 Classified Specialist – Epoxy Coating
C-68 Classified Specialist – Epoxy Injection
C-68 Classified Specialist – Generator maintenance, installation of generator & shelter installation
C-68 Classified Specialist – Guard Railing, Painting & Road Marking
C-68 Classified Specialist – Horizontal Directional Drilling
C-68 Classified Specialist – Pipe Fitting
C-68 Classified Specialist – Sand Blasting
C-68 Classified Specialist – Shutter/Typhoon Shutter, Blinds and Window Covering & Installation
C-68 Classified Specialist – Signs
C-68 Classified Specialist – Solar Power System
C-68 Classified Specialist – Telecommunications
C-68 Classified Specialist – Toxic mold remediation, asbestos abatement, lead based paint abatement and removal of hazardous material
C-68 Classified Specialist – Water Blasting
C-68 Classified Specialist – Water Oil & Asbestos


Administrative/Research Services
Air Conditioning & Refrigeration (HVAC/R) Supplies
Apartment Rentals
Appliance Wholesale/Retail
Arbitration/Mediation Services
Architectural Services
Automotive Maintenance, Services & Dealership
Bonding Services
Business Valuation/Appraisal Services
Car Rental
Cash (Secured) Transit & Deposit
Civil Engineering
Commercial Automotive Wholesaler/Supplier
Construction Clean-Up
Construction Equipment Sales/Rental/Leasing
Construction Management Services
Construction Material Supplier
Construction Research, Data and Information Services
Construction Tool Supplier
Crane Inspection
Crane Services
Design Consultancy
Developers/Real Estate
Diesel Equipment Repair
Document Imaging Solutions Dealer
Doors, Windows & Shutter Suppliers
Education & Trades Training
Electrical Suppliers
Emergency Response Programs and Planning
Energy Management, BAS, DDC Systems- Sales/Design/ Service
Engineering Services
Environmental Services/Supplier
Equipment Supplier
Facilities Management
Film Production Services
Financial Institutions
Financial Planning
Fire Protection
Food Services
Freight Handling &/or Logistics
Fuel Management Services
Furniture Wholesale/Retail
Generator Sales & Service
Golf Wholesale/Retail
Hardware – Retail
Healthcare Insurance
Hearing Conservation
Heavy Equipment Sales/Rental/Leasing
Home & Garden Supplier
Hotels, Restaurants, Dinner Theater and Banquet Facilities
Human Resource Consultants & Training
Industrial Coatings
Information Technology & System Development
Inspection Services & Trading
Insulating Concrete Forms/Distributor
Insurance Services
Irrigation and Landscape Products
Janitorial Services
Land Surveying
Landscaping, Lawn Care Services
Legal Services
Life Insurance
Marketing & Communications
Media Publication
Metal Suppliers
Military Contractors
Munitions & Explosives of Concern (MEC)/ Unexploded Ordinance (UXO) Consulting
Network & Communications
Non-Profit Organization/Government
Occupational Health Screening/ Drug & Alcohol Testing
Office Supplies
Overseas Recruitment Agency
Paint Supplier
Petroleum & Lubricant Products/Services
Plumbing Supplier
Pre-cast Concrete
Pre-cast or Insulated Concrete
Procurement Counseling
Real Estate Brokerage
Real Estate Developers
Real Estate Sales
Real Estate Services
Renewable Energy Consulting
Residential Lending Institutions
Retirement Plans/Administrators
Risk Management
Safety Equipment Suppliers
Safety Training
Sanitary Ware Wholesaler/Retailer
Security Services
Ship Repair
Shipping & Transportation
Shredding and destruction
Sign Supplier
Solid Waste Disposal
Steel Manufacturer/Distributor
Temporary Employment Services
Therapeutic Massage
Third Party Administrator
Tiles & Tile Accessories
Title Insurance and Escrow Co.
Tools Rental
Tours and Transportation Services
Transportation and Logistics Consultant
Typhoon Shutters
Vehicle Sales, Rental, Leasing
Vessel Operating Common Carrier
Water & Wastewater Services
Water Filtration System for Residential & Commercial
Waterproofing Materials
Welding Consultants/Inspectors
Wholesale Distributor