GCA Construction News Bulletin

The Guam Contractors’ Association’s monthly Construction News Bulletin is Guam’s official construction news publication.

The monthly news bulletin has a wide readership and vast distribution. The news bulletin is distributed at the GCA office, monthly luncheons, various construction companies, GCA affiliates, Navy and Air Force Contracting Offices and as well as the Governor’s office, Legislature, Mayors council, and other Federal Agencies. It is also locally distributed at various retail hardware stores on Island.

Why advertise with the GCA News Bulletin?

In the construction business, the mentality is based on the “lowest bid approach” and many are skeptical about the value of advertising. The Guam Contractor’s Association monthly news bulletin publication will offer YOU to directly measure the worth of you advertising.

Benefits of Advertising with GCA News Bulletin:

Quality     The use of full color and graphics provides the right medium for the company’s message of professionalism and content.

Awareness     Ads play a vital role. The more it is advertised, the higher the gain in buyer awareness and exposure

Targeted      It is only construction news bulletin that is available on Guam. The publication reaches a vast number of readerships particularly in the construction business and the affiliates.

Authoritative      The Guam Contractor’s Association together with the board of directors officially acknowledges the construction news bulletin as the official construction publication on Guam.

 Download the contract.

Camera-ready ads can either be saved on discs for pickup or emailed to sales.adztech@teleguam.net (Please make check payable to the Guam Contractor’s Association 718 N. Marine Corps Dr., Ste 203, East West Business Center, Upper Tumon, Guam 96913)

For more info call (671) 477-1239/2239 • fax us at (671) 477-3339
or email us at sales.adztech@teleugam.net

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